💡 Use the different roles to determine what users can access within Dataimporter.

Granting Access

Access is granted to new users on the Billing page. Here you will see the number of licenses available and the number of licences currently active:

If there are spare licences, you will have a button called Invite User. Here you will be able to invite a User to your Account, selecting their Email, Name, Role and Username (used for oAuth login).

The user will receive an email with a link for them to set a password and login. If you set a username for the user, then they will not need to set a password, and can log in immediately.


User Role

💡 The User Role is a basic role which gives the person full access to Dataimporter.

The User Role grants the following permissions:

Access to the following objects:

  • Jobs

  • Instances

  • Connections

  • Schedules

  • Formulas

Ability to perform the following actions:

  • Create, Update, Delete & Run Jobs.

  • Create, Update, Delete Instances.

  • Create, Update, Delete Connections.

  • Create, Update, Delete Schedules.

  • Create, Update, Delete Formulas.

Admin Role

💡 The Admin Role grants a person full access to Dataimporter, as well as limited access to other user’s activity.

The Admin Role grants all of the permissions from the User role, plus the following extra permissions:

  • Access to the Billing page.

  • Ability to Update Subscriptions and Licences.

  • Ability to invite and manage access for Users.

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