Multi-Object Imports allow you to Insert, Update, or Upsert Parent and Child records in one job e.g. Accounts & Contacts, Leads & CampaignMembers.

Select Child Object

On the Upload Page you will see the option ‘Add Related Records’. If you click this, you will be presented with the available Child Objects that you are able to use for the Job.

Map Parent & Child Fields

You will then Map the Parent and Child fields for the Job, using the same logic as a single object import, look at the Mapping article to read more about this.

You will not need to define a lookup relationship between the Parent and Child records at this step

Choose the Unique Parent Field

On the Clean screen, you will then choose the Unique Parent Field. This field is used to make sure duplicate Parent records are not created, as well as the field which will be used to match the Child Objects to their Parent.

Take the CSV file below, which includes Account & Contact Data.

Each row represents a Contact, and the Column ‘Account Name’ represents the Account that the contact belongs to. We wouldn’t want the Account, Midwest Communications, to be created 4 times so on the Unique Parent Field:

Preview the Parent & Child Data

On the Preview Screen, you will see the Source Columns, 3 example records from the data, as well as the Parent and Child Object fields that have been Mapped:

Job Run Results

On the Job Run Results Page, you will see all of the Original CSV Data, however you will see more rows than the Original CSV File e.g.

In the results you will see a row for each Parent and Child record that was created. You will see that there is a Column ‘Object Type’ which determines which Object the row corresponds to, as well as the sf__Id column which shows the Id of the corresponding record.

If the Parent record fails, then the Child Record will not be created / updated, and will be shown in the results as ‘Parent record failed’.

Using Rollback will delete both the Parent and Child Records.

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