💡 Dataimporter offers you different notification settings, for how you are notified about the Jobs that have been run.

Email Notifications

Head over to the Details page, where you will be able to select the email notifications for yourself.


Select always, and Dataimporter will always send you an Email, on the completion of a Job run.

On Errors

If your Job run contains errors, then you will receive an email, otherwise if the Job processes without errors, you will not receive an email.


You will never receive an Email on completion of a Job run.

Success / Error Files Attached

Here you can either select Yes or No. If you select Yes, than the success and error files will be attached as CSV files, when sending the notification emails, otherwise they will not be attached.

We do not recommend attaching CSV files for the following use cases:

  • Large job runs as the email will most likely be blocked by your email server.

  • Where sensitive data should not be sent via Email.

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