On the configuration screen of each Object, you can select the number of records to be created (defaults to 10), and the Locale:

Most data types allow you to configure the possible values that can be created.

For each Object & Template, you can choose a Locale which will localize certain fields when creating the mock data.

The following Data Types are generated using the Locale:

  1. Person

  2. Address

  3. Food

  4. Finance

  5. Text


Masks are used to generate custom formats for mock values. Masks can be a combination of hard-coded values, random



You can configure the format of the telephone fields to be created, or leave it blank to be generated in the locale format:


The Identifier data type should be used to generate External Ids, or other unique string values:


Date and time fields can be limited to certain year values:


Numeric values can be limited to certain ranges, as well as specifying the number of digits after the decimal:


Picklist values are read, and applied automatically for you when generating the seeding template. These can also be restricted on the configure screen:

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