πŸ’‘ Here you will choose which columns in your Source data should be mapped to which Salesforce fields.

General Mapping Information

Lookup Relationships

πŸ’‘ Use Lookup Relationships to link records with other records in Salesforce e.g. link a Contact with an Account

You can link, and lookup relationship records in Dataimporter, using any Text, Email, or Phone field in Salesforce. To do this, choose the source column you want to use for the lookup, and the Salesforce object and field you want Dataimporter to look for records with:

If you have the Salesforce Id in the source data then you can map it directly without using a lookup relationship:


Here, you can map your formulas, to the corresponding Salesforce field:

Formulas are shown with the ♾️ symbol before them.


One the Mapping page for an Insert Job you will choose which source fields should map to which Salesforce fields.

Update & Upsert

On an Update or Upsert Job, you will have the same mapping options as the Insert Job, plus an additional mapping to select which Source and Salesforce fields should be used to determine which records to update:

For Update Jobs, you can choose any Text, Number, or Id Field to match records. For Upsert Jobs, you can choose any Field marked as External Id.


For a Delete Job, you simply choose the source field, which contains the Salesforce Id values for the records which you want to Delete.

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