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💡 The Clean step is used to manipulate, format, and filter data used for the job

Replace Null Values

By default, when updating existing Salesforce records, where the data is populated in Salesforce e.g. email, and the source data has a blank value, Salesforce will simply ignore the update. By selecting this option, the Blank values will be accepted by Salesforce, and the field data will be deleted.

Deduplicate Data

Select this option when you want to remove duplicates from your source data. You will be able to define the field(s) that you want Dataimporter to look at, when considering whether records are duplicates or not:
By selecting multiple fields, Dataimporter will check both columns, and only when both columns match, will records be considered duplicates.

Filter Data

This feature allows you to select a Formula, which will evaluate to True or False, and can then be used to Filter your Data.

Sample Data

This allows you to choose a number of random sample records to process for the job. Use this to test Jobs before process the entire data.
Enter the number of records you would like us to randomly select in the Sample Size. The remaining records will then be available to process on the Run Remaining page